Wow Dr. Luv what a great game! My husband and I love it. We are both very busy entrepreneurs and our schedules limit us from having the alone time we need. Now we have a reason to make the time so we can play the game!! Thank you and I look forward to buying your new book.

Serena, ON, Canada

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Dr. Luv discovers a FUN way to celebrate & enhance your relationship...

It takes time and a lot of hard work to achieve and maintain a loving relationship

The key is to make the TIME and transform the "hard work" into something fun and playful.

Syncrohearts Love Game guarantees that you will experience:

  • Lots of love and laughter
  • Improved communication
  • More Fun "play time" together!
  • Harmony, happiness and a closer connection
  • Great massages, tender kisses and lots of hugs
  • Intimacy, romance and yes guys - great sex too!

Couples deserve a "Love Game" with benefits...

  • The power of touch for enhancing affection and intimacy.
  • Effective communication for the sharing of your feelings.
  • Laughter and playfulness for melting away your stress and creating more joy and happiness.
  • Insights for learning about love and growing your relationship.
  • Date nights for balancing priorities and keeping the focus on your relationship.
  • Romance for creating intimacy and great sex.
  • Lots of love just for the fun of it!


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